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"Genuine Relationships. Practical Solutions"



Fluid Projects is a privately-owned consultancy based in Calgary, AB that focuses on finding solutions to water challenges in the Canadian Energy Industry.  We foster open and honest relationships with our clients and stakeholders.  This enables us to work collaboratively in developing practical solutions to their challenges.

We help our clients navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape surrounding the permitting, storage, reuse, and disposal of water and wastewater.  From our background in regulatory, engineering, and environmental consulting, our expertise supports both the high-level planning and detailed delivery of water projects for our clients.


Fluid Projects specializes in water related projects for the Canadian Energy Industry. Our expertise includes  water strategy and planning, water sourcing, freshwater and produced water storage, water re-use, wastewater disposal, stormwater management, water crossing design and environmental permitting. We stick to what we know and we do it well. 


Our team has been involved in the assessment, approval, design and construction of hundreds of water related projects in Western Canada. Specifically, our team has overseen the planning, permitting and design of over forty (40) produced and freshwater storage facilities in Alberta and BC.  We have also overseen the development of dozens of wastewater and solid waste disposal projects throughout Western Canada.   



Fluid Projects

Suite 610, 600 - 6th Ave SW

Calgary, AB 

T2P 0S5

(403) 660-7510

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