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Water Storage

Ponds ~ Reservoirs ~ Dams

Reservoir Drone Image .jpg
  • Water Storage Options Analysis – assessment to determine the most economical storage media for specific situation a client needs

  • Capital Cost Estimates of various storage scenarios

  • Large Scale Freshwater & Saline Water Storage Design (AB and BC) – Ponds/ Reservoirs/ Dams

    • Site Selection

    • Site Geotechnical and Environmental Investigations

    • Dam Failure Consequence Classifications and Inundation Modelling

    • Dam/Reservoir Design and permitting – Operations Plans, DEPs, seismic analysis

    • AB Directive 58 and EPEA Applications

    • Directive 055 Alternative Storage Applications

    • BC OGC Storage of Hydraulic Fracturing Approvals

    • On-site QA/QC (including compaction testing)

    • Operational Support 

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