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Our team has been involved in the assessment, approval, design and construction of hundreds of water related projects in the Canadian Energy industry.  Specifically, our team has overseen the planning, permitting and design of over forty (40) produced and freshwater storage facilities in Alberta and BC.  This extensive experience allows our team to understand the complexities of these projects and implement strategies to deliver them successfully. 

  • Siting and Design of 300,000 m3 freshwater storage structure – Provided siting, geotechnical investigation, permitting support and preliminary design of 300,000 m3 freshwater reservoir.

  • Freshwater (River) Intake FEED Design –Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) for a 10,000 m3 per day freshwater for an intake in BC.   The scope included:

    • Coordination of field studies including: geotechnical investigation, river flow monitoring, flood modelling, groundwater assessment, terrestrial and water-borne geophysics, groundwater assessments and river geomorphology study;

    • River intake design options assessment,

    • Constructability assessment

    • Regulatory application technical support,

    • FEED design package. 


  • Water Hub Expansion (2 x 50,000 m3 Saline Storage Ponds) -  Project Manager and Stamping Engineer for 2 x 50,000 m3 saline water storage ponds at Water hub near Fort Saint John, BC.  Scope included preparation of regulatory applications, Issued for Regulatory Approval (IFRA) engineering packages, Issued for Construction (IFC) packages and on-site Construction Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC) supervision.


  • Brine Pond Study - Confidential Project providing technical expert advice relating to investigation of failure of brine pond synthetic liner system. Scope included on-site investigation, coordination of third party testing, assessment of failure root causes and litigation support as an expert witness.  

  • Produced Water Storage Hub Siting and Design Study (Regulated Waste Facility in AB) – Study to evaluate a variety of saline water storage options assessing capital cost, schedule, regulatory, and environmental protection factors (on-going) and asses various site options in Alberta.

  • Freshwater Reservoir Design and Permitting (350,000 m3 AB Registered Dam) – Project Manager and Stamping Engineer for 350,000 m3 lined freshwater water storage reservoir located near Grande Cache, AB. Scope included geotechnical investigation, regulatory permitting, Dam Application, Issued for Regulatory Approval (IFRA) design, Issued for Construction (IFC) earthworks and geosynthetics work packages, on-site Construction Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC) supervision.

  • AER Directive 58 Class II Landfill Application - Project Management of a Landfill Investigation program in NW Alberta in accordance with AER Directive 58.

  • FEED Design for new 300,000 m3 Brine Pond – Provided FEED design, capital cost estimating and procurement support for new brine pond in central Alberta.

  • Freshwater Storage Reservoirs (200,000 m3 Registered AB Dam) Siting Study –Siting Study and Preliminary design for two (2) 200,000 m3 freshwater reservoirs (on-going) in Gold Creek Area.

  • Technical Support for a Proposed Saline Water Storage facility in Alberta – Siting, permitting support and geotechnical/hydrogeological investigation for a proposed saline water storage pond in Alberta. 

  • Freshwater Storage Reservoir Design (60,000-125,000 m3 Ponds in AB) – Design for multiple Freshwater Reservoirs in AB area including design, Dam Failure Consequence assessment and on-site construction quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC).

  • Water Hub Design and Permitting (Freshwater Reservoir and Produced “C-ring” Storage in BC) – Project Managment and Lead Engineer for Water Hub located near Dawson Creek, BC.  Scope included geotechnical investigation, water sourcing study, permitting and engineering design.  Facility included the following components:

    • 85,000 m3 Freshwater Reservoir

    • Six (6) permanent lined Aboveground Walled Storage Structures (AWSS) (aka “C-rings”) each with a capacity of 6,000 m3 for the storage of produced water and flowback

    • Flowline Connection to Well Pads

    • Truck Loading and Unloading Station

    • Temporary Freshwater River Intake

  • Freshwater Reservoir Design and Permitting (400,000 m3 Reservoir) - Project Manager and Engineer of Record for a 400,000 m3 clay lined water storage reservoir.  Scope included: Alberta water act application, geotechnical investigation, Issued for Regulatory Approval (IFRA) design, Issued for Construction (IFC) work packages.

  • Waste Management Facility Design and Directive 58 Waste Application  -  Project Manager and Engineer of Record for the 1,000,000 m3 , 40 year lifespan Waste Management Facility near Ft. McMurray, AB, which included:

    • Class II landfill

    • Waste Treatment Facility

    • Stormwater ponds and drainage network

    • leachate pond

    • access roads

    • administrative areas

       This scope included technical lead for Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Directive 58 Application, Engineer of Record for the Issued for     

       Regulatory Approval (IFRA) drawings and the Issued for Construction (IFC) drawings. 


  • Stormwater Management Design - Various Sites - Stormwater management design upgrade for five (5) active Gas Plant sites across Alberta.  Scope included: drone survey, assessment of current drainage/ stormwater storage capacity, recommendations for upgrades to stormwater/ drainage design including stamped drawings.


  • Water Hub Facility Application (AB Directive 58 Application) – Siting investigation and preliminary engineering for engineered fluid hub near Grande Prairie, AB under Alberta Environments (AER) Directive 058.  

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